Our Promise


If you are not satisfied with our services, we will gladly re-process your item(s) for free!


Our skilled professionals go above and beyond on every job. Our service is rated and reviewed after each task.


We strictly evaluate all of our Crew, who undergo background checks as well as in-person interviews.

We take pride in the high quality we demand and achieve every day for every IMPERO customer.

Our Quality Assurance

What We Do?

1. Categorization, Weightage and Priced

Your garments or household items will be categorized based on services requested. For normal wash and fold items, we will measure them by weight.

For special cleaning items, we will count each of them and charge accordingly. The exact bill amount will be informed to the customer via WhatsApp, SMS or email.

2. Labelling, Hand-Inspection and Sorting

Next, we start label all the garments or household items and check to make sure nothing was left in your pockets. During this process, our crew will inspect each of the garments or household items for the damage, stains, color fade and others. As well, we will check the label on the garments to ensure them to receive the correct wash methods.

In case, our crew discovered any issue, we shall notify you and provide you the solutions. Next, we sort and separate the whites and colors garments, fabrics and items need special treatment.

3. Washing and Drying

We always use proper wash cycles. Do not allow our crew to shorten the cleaning cycles. We load the machines with the recommended weight for best results. We always run route check before washing to ensure the chemical fluid levels and settings all available and correct.

We use the proper temperature control to dry each fabric because it needs to dry on a certain time and temperature. We promptly remove garments and household items from dryers right away to minimize wrinkling. We will ensure it’s not over dry, waste energy and shorten the life on the fabric.

4. Fold or Press

After the removal from the dryer, the folding or pressing process should begin. For normal wash garments or household items, we will neatly folded the items and it’s ready to be put into your wardrobe.

For dry cleaning, we will pressing the wrinkles out as well as reshaping the garments to its original form. Garments are put on hangers at no extra charge.

5. Finishing and Packaging

We will ensure the freshest and cleanest results for the customer. All the garments and household items will be well-packed and delivery to your doorstep.

We are always take pride to offer our customers

Convenient. Affordable. Reliable. Express